Speech of Interim Chief Minister Al Haj Murad Ebrahim during the Inauguration of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu!

We give tribute to the great Bangsamoro men and women who have labored to get us to where we are now. This momentous step would not have been possible without their dedication and tireless efforts.
Two days ago marked the Fifth anniversary of the comprehensive agreement on the Bangsamoro—a product of 17 years of peace talks between the MILF and the Government.

It was a shared effort between the Bangsamoro people and the Philippine Government.
We remember those who went before us who dedicated their lives for our struggle for self-determination. Among them was our brother Ghazali Jaafar who lived the Bangsamoro struggle until his last days.
There were ups and downs during the past 22 years. But here we are today, together with the President of our country, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, inaugurating the product of what we have been working on long before the peace talks started 22 years ago.

Mr. President, last monday the MILF already submitted the list of its combatants and weapons for decommissioning, representing the first phase of a process.

Mr. President, the banging of the agong marks a new beginning for the Bangsamoro.
The BTA has been laboring for what is ahead of it: the transition from ARMM to BARMM. After a series of caucuses to level off, our first session in the bta was held this morning.
Today marks a history for us. We are starting a new kind of Jihad—a Jihad against poverty, against want, and against neglect.

When we started the revolution, we took an oath to the Qur’an. Today, as we start our governance we will also do the same.

We have been guided in our armed struggle by the tenets of Islam. We will also be guided by the teachings of Islam in delivering the trust that has been given us to run the Bangsamoro Government, through the brand of leadership Islam advocates— that is, moral governance.

It signifies our collective resolve to institute good governance in the Bangsamoro Region. As we start the Bangsamoro Government, we vow to make moral governance as the foundation of this leadership.

We thank you Mr. President for making this event more significant and historic. The Bangsamoro shall always cherish your sincerity to finally solve the conflict in Mindanao. We warmly welcome you, and send you greetings on your natal day, with hopes and prayers for your continuing support to the Bangsamoro people.
Thank you very much.

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