Memo Order No. 0648 s. 2020 Activity on the preparation of orientation Module2020/11/16
Memo Order No. 0652 s. 2020 Resolution No. 90 series of 2020 entitled "Resolution Adopting and Approving the Interim Composition of the respective Recruitment, Selection and Placement Boards of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority's Ministries, Offices and Agencies."2020/11/11
Memo Order no. 628 s. 2020 Campaign to End Violence Against Women2020/11/9
Memo Order no. 618 s. 2020 Public Holiday in the entire BARMM2020/11/6
Memo Order no. 622 s. 2020 Guidelines on the Utilization and Management of the Special Development Fund2020/11/4
Memo Order no. 606 s. 2020 of Proposed Programs, Projects and Activities to be funded under the FY 2020 Special Development Fund2020/10/26
Memo Order no. 607 s. 2020 of the 1st Bangsamoro Development Plan (BDP) 2020-20222020/10/26
Memo Order no. 0608 s. 2020 29, 2020 as Regular Non-Working Holiday in the entire BARMM2020/10/26
Memo Order no. 594 s. of 2020 of Local Area Network (LAN) Messenger2020/10/14
Memo Order no. 0577 s. 2020 Meeting for 18-Day Campaign to End Violence against Women2020/10/12
Memo Order no. 581 s. 2020 of the BM-RAPWPS 2020-20222020/10/12
Memo Order no. 0598 s. 2020 to Sign Job Order Contracts and Contracts of Service2020/10/9
Memo Order No. 579 s. 2020 scheme2020/10/7
Memo Order no. 0578 s. 2020 Dress Code2020/10/7
Memo Order no. 0574 s. 2020 for Information2020/10/7
Memo Order No. 570 s. 2020 of ORS, DV and Checks2020/10/6
Memo Order no 0569 s. 2020 Month Celebration2020/10/5
Memo Order No. 0565 series of 2020 Indigenous Peoples' Month Celebration2020/10/2
Memo Order no. 560 s. 2020 National Statistics Month2020/9/29
Memo Order no. 561 s. 2020 Welfare Month2020/9/25
Memo Order no. 527 s. 2020 Arrangements2020/9/1
Memo Order no. 526 s. 2020 Tracing2020/9/1
Memorandum Order no. 524 s. 2020 Crime Prevention Week2020/8/27
Memo Order no. 523 s. 2020 29, 2020: Ashura Regular Non-Working Holiday2020/8/26
Memo Order no. 521 s. 2020 of a Technical Working Group for Procurement of Motor Vehicles for the Office of the Chief Minister2020/8/24
Memo Order no. 520 s. 2020 on the Operationalization of Food Sufficiency Secretariat Towards Sustainable Food System Phase 12020/8/24
Memo Order no. 518 s. 2020 to the 2020 Census of Population and Housing2020/8/24
Memo Order no. 519 s. 2020 in the OCM Premises2020/8/18
Memo Order no. 510 s. 2020 20, 2020 as Legal Non-Working Holiday in Observance of Amun Jadeed or Islamic New Year2020/8/13
Memo Order no. 508 s. 2020 Planning on RAPWPS 2020-2022 on August 18-19,20202020/8/13
Memo Order no. 504 s. 2020 of Meeting2020/8/10
Memo Order no. 500 s. 2020 of 46th Nutrition Month2020/8/5
Memo Order no. 496 s. 2020 Holiday in Observance of Eid'l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)2020/7/30
Memo Order no. 493 s. 2020 of the certified photocopy of the attendance of employees for the month of July on or before 30 July 20202020/7/28
Memo Order no. 494 s. 2020 of Daily Time Records (DTRs) and Accomplishment Report (ARs)2020/7/24
Memo Order no. 489 s. 2020 of Regional Contractors' Tax2020/7/23
Memo Order no. 471 s. 2020 of Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 11 "An Act Defining the Power of Appointment in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and for Other Purposes"2020/7/20
Memo 465 s. 2020 City Chapter General Assembly, Induction Ceremony, and Accountancy Week Celebration2020/7/14
Memo Order no. 463 s. 2020 on Employee Development and Organizational Interventions on 15 July 20202020/7/13
Memo Order no. 457 s. 2020 Series on Gender Responsive Budgeting on July 13 -14, 20202020/7/10
Memo Order no. 454 s. 2020 Workshop on the Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security2020/7/9
Memo Order no. 453 s. 2020 of Permanent GAD Focal Person on or before 15 July 20202020/7/9
Memo Order no. 451 s. 2020 of Screening Schedule2020/7/8
Memo Order no. 445 s. 2020 Activity on the Preparation of Orientation Module on 29-30 July 2020 8-5PM2020/7/6
Memo Order no. 441 s. 2020, Selection, and Placement Process for Positions with Salary Grade 25 and above2020/7/1
Memo Order no. 443 s. 2020 Ensuring Continuous and Effective Delivery of Government Services to the Bangsamoro People Amidst the ongoing Public Health Emergency due to COVID-192020/6/30
Memo Order no. 437 s. 2020 Posting on the GPPB Online Portal for Emergency Procurement under Republic Act No. 11469 or the Bayanihan Act2020/6/29
Memo Order no. 435 s. 2020 of List of Designated IT Personnel on or before 30 June 2020 5PM2020/6/24
Memo Order no. 433 s. 2020 of Nutrition2020/6/24
Memo Order no. 434 s. 2020 Project on the Perspective of the BARMM on Moral Governance2020/6/23
Memo Order no. 422 s. 2020 of Nutrition Month 20202020/6/23
Memo Order no. 417 s. 2020 of certified photocopy of attendance for the month of June on or before 24 June 20202020/6/23
Memo Order no. 420 s. 2020 of Personnel for Extension until September 30, 20202020/6/23
Memo Order no. 418 s. 2020 Workshop on the Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security2020/6/22
Memo Order no. 412 s. 2020 Investments Target for 2021 including BARMM2020/6/19
Memo Order no. 411 s. 2020 Regional Nutrition Committee Meeting2020/6/19
Memo Order no. 410 s. 2020 of Computation of Separation Incentives on 30 June 2020 at 12NN2020/6/16
Memo Order no. 395 s. 2020 one (1) focal person to collect and submit DTRs and ARs2020/6/8
Memo Order No. 388 s. 2020 to online ID account2020/6/5
Memo Order No. 387 s. 2020 of Screening2020/6/3
Memo Order No. 379 s. 2020 of official Identification Cards2020/6/1
Memo Order no. 378 s. 2020' Attendances2020/5/29
Memo Order no. 368 s. 2020 and Submission of BIR Forms2020/5/26
Memo Order No. 337 s. 2020 Cabinet Meeting2020/5/15
Memo Order No. 312 s. 2020 for the Release of Emergency Relief Assistance Allowance (ERAA)2020/5/13
Memo Order No. 313 s. 2020 a Savings Account from the LBP2020/5/12
Memo Order No. 400 s. 2020 "No Park Zones" in select areas within the Bangsamoro Government Center2020/5/11
MemoOrder No. 271 s. of 2020 of Purchase Requests (PRs)2020/4/28
Memo Order No. 270 s. 2020 Relief Assistance2020/4/27
Memo Order No. 259 s. 2020 Cabinet Meeting2020/4/27
Memo Order No. 258 s. 2020 Working Hours of officials and employees during the Holy Month of Ramadhan2020/4/22
Memo Order No. 231 series of 2020 of List of Skeletal Staff and Issuance of Employee's Pass2020/4/14
Memo Order No. 225 series of 2020 08, 2020 as Special Non-Working Holiday in Observance of NISFU' SHA'BAN2020/4/7
Memorandum Order No. 219 s. 2020 of COVID-19 Report2020/4/6
Memo Order No. 208 series of 2020 of Contracts of Service and Job Order (April to December 2020)2020/3/30
Memo Order No. 207 series of 2020 List of Personnel to be Extended2020/3/30
Memo Order No. 169 series of 2020 Recording of Attendance of Personnel who are reporting of office during this state of national calamity2020/3/24
Memo Order No. 168 of 2020 Meeting 19 March 2020 1PM at Bajau Hall, OCM Building concerning Working Arrangement, General Administrative Concerns and Financial Concerns2020/3/19
Memo Order 167 s. 2020 NON-WORKING HOLIDAY on Wednesday, 18 March 20202020/3/17
MO No. 157 s. 2020 THE RISING THREAT OF COVID-192020/3/13
MO No. 156 s. 2020 OF TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP2020/3/13
Memo Order No. 162 s. 2020 OF SALN FY 20192020/3/12
Memo Order No. 127 s. 2020 JoJo M. Sinolinding as Nutrition Program Coordinator of the BARMM2020/3/2
Memo Order No. 126 s. 2020 of Regional Nutrition Council Committee2020/3/2
Memo Order No. 125 s 2020 of Personal Data Sheet (PDS)2020/3/2
Memo Order No. 121 s. 2020 Tabang in Jolo, Sulu2020/2/26
Memo Order No. 117 s. 2020 of the 2020 National Women's Month2020/2/20
Memo Order No. 109 s.2020 on the Recruitment and Selection2020/2/19
Memo Order No. 089 s. 2020 Data Processing Specialist (EDPS) Eligibility Examination2020/2/13
Memo Order No. 088 s. 2020 33rd Cabinet Meeting2020/2/13
Memo Order No. 097 s. 2020 of a Point System for Evaluation2020/2/10
Memo Order No. 092 s. 2020 of Updated Schedule of Major Monthly Activities2020/2/10
Memo Order No. 065 s. 2020 Meeting for National Women's Month Celebration2020/2/7
Memo Order No. 063 s. 2020 in Computation of Separation Incentives2020/2/6
Memo Order No. 094 s. 2020 Dissemination Forum on 2018 Official Poverty Statistics in BARMM2020/2/5
Memo Order No. 064 s. 2020 of Project Procurement Management Plans (PPMPs)2020/2/5
Memo Order No. 90 s. 2020 Hijab Day2020/1/31
Memorandum Order No. 052 s. 2020 of List of issues and concerns with proposed policy action(s)2020/1/30
Memo Order No. 058 s. of 2020 regarding the updates, issues and concerns about the Recruitment and Selection Process2020/1/29
Memo Order no. 047 s. 2020 to the list of Personnel to be Extended (Supplemental Memo to MC 01 s. 2020)2020/1/27
Memorandum Order No. 046 s. 2020 of Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) CY 20202020/1/27
Memorandum Order No. 028 s. 2020 of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) list of separated employees under your ministry. agency or office in their respective batches (1st, 2nd and 3rd)2020/1/17
Memorandum Order No. 027 s. 2020 Meeting on Security Measures within the premises of Bangsamoro Government Center2020/1/17
Memorandum Order No. 026 s. 2020 Representatives to Ministries' RSPBs2020/1/17
Memorandum Order No. 025 s. 2020 of list of issues and concerns with proposed policy action(s) in line with the upcoming 32nd Cabinet meeting on 27 January 20202020/1/16
Memo Order No. 123 s. 2020 of the Office of the Chief Minister Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)2020/1/15
Memorandum Order No. 015 s. 2020 to be extended (Supplementary memo to MC 01 s. 2020 Jan-10-20)2020/1/13
Memorandum Order No. 009 s. 2020 of List of Personnel to be Extended2020/1/6
Memorandum Order No. 008 s. 2020 of the 31st Cabinet Meeting2020/1/6
Memorandum Order No. 006 s. 2020 Schedule of Flag Raising and Flag Retreat Ceremonies2020/1/3
Memorandum Order No. 005 s. 2020 of Contracts of Service and Job Order (January to March 2020)2020/1/3
Memorandum Order No. 002 s. 2020 on the Recruitment, Selection and Placement of Human Resource in the Bangsamoro Government.2020/1/2

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