Twenty-two students have sucessfully graduated from the Bureau on Cultural Heritage – BARMM’s Cultural Summer Class on Friday, May 10.

The students have undergone trainings on playing the Kulintang – a traditional percussion instrument composed of eight small gongs – and the proper execution of the Pangalay dance – a traditional dance of the Tausugs.

The students were composed of children aged eight to eleven years old. The training started on May 2, 2019.

Ardan Sali, executive director of the BCH-BARMM, said the summer class aimed to preserve the culture and tradition of the Bangsamoro by teaching and passing on the knowledge to children.

“Unti-unti nang nawawala ang mga kulturang ito. Ngayon ay unti-unti nating bubuhayin,” Sali said.

He also said that the bureau’s next summer class will have lessons on the Kutyapi instrument and the Sagayan dance.

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